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Algae, Phosphates & Silicates

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Phosphate-Algae Connection

One reason for unclear water is algae blooms, which may appear as green tinted water or brown spots on the sides and walls of the aquarium. Algae blooms develop when there is an excessive amount of nutrients (such as phosphate and nitrate) in the presence of sunlight-spectrum light. These nutrients come from tap water, fish waste and debris and are the end result of the nitrifying cycle from ammonia to nitrite to nitrate.


Plants remove nutrients from the water for their own nurishment which helps to deprive those nutrients from unwanted algae.

Chemical Filter Media

Specific media cartridges and additives can be placed in your chemical filter tray or chamber to attract and remove silicates, phosphates etc.

Protein Skimmers

Remove dissolved proteins and dissolved organic compounds (DOC's) BEFORE they have a chance to turn to ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, phosphate.

Reverse Osmosis

Filters out any excess nutrients such as phosphates and silicates that are already in your water source BEFORE they enter the tank through topping-off or water changes.

UV Sterilizers

If algae is the reason you want to get rid of phosphates, then a UV sterilizer may help. It does not get rid of phosphate per se. However, it eliminates single-cell algae for algae-free aquariums.