Aquarium Manual
Feeding Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish Feeding Recommendations

When feeding mixed-species freshwater tanks we recommend that your fish eat at least two times per day, or three if you are able.

Selecting The Right Tropical Fish Food

Do your tropical fish live for years or die young?

Most concerned pet owners know that the best diets for their dogs and cats are premium diets such as Science Diet. Yet, they continue to feed their far-more-delicate aquarium fish a bulk-filled, ordinary diet.

Many common freshwater aquarium fish such as neon tetras do not even have stomachs and must eat highly nutritious diets which can be absorbed quickly & directly into the blood stream.

Cheap, mass-merchandised diets lack quick digestibility. They have been made from inexpensive sources of protein and have either been over-processed to the extent that they are cooked to death and the nutrients destroyed, or they are under-processed and still contain large, indigestible materials used to fill and enlarge the diets for cheap sale.

Fish need optimum nutrition for grow, vitality, color and long life.