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Homeopathics for Pets - FAQ's

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The German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann founded the practice of homeopathy, which aids in the cure of disorders and illnesses by using natural substances. Dr. Hahnemann found that minute quantities of a substance which, in larger amounts, cause a certain disorder or illness can also be used to cure the same disorder or illness.

This principle can be illustrated with the substance caffeine. If several cups of coffee (and thus caffeine) are consumed the results can be increased nervousness and a higher rate of blood circulation (which some people feel through a higher heart beat). In a homeopathic dosage (i.e. diluted) caffeine can be used to calm restless and nervous people.

What is a dilution?

A homeopathic medicine is obtained by using the process of successive dilutions of a mother tincture in order to achieve the maximum benefit for a particular symptom. The mother tincture is created by breaking a substance down and then dissolving it in alcohol or water, depending on the substance.

Are there any side effects?

Most homeopathic remedies can complement conventional drugs with no contraindications and no side effects. Read labels carefully.

What do I have to consider when using Homeopathic remedies?

Read the recommended dosage for each remedy which usually is to be administered before meals unless indicated otherwise. Homeopathic remedies are comprised of natural ingredients and will cause no harm if take too much is ingested.

Purposely administering more than the prescribed dosage will not result in an enhanced effect. If you use too little, or miss a dose, just continue on as normal with the next scheduled dose. Missing dosages will only result in the remedy being less effective.

In most cases, homeopathic drops should be placed directly into the pet's mouth so that they are directly absorbed by the mucous membranes. If you are sure he has spit them out, administer another dose. Overdose is not possible unless it is done repeatedly. For horses, use the same technique or saturate sugar cubes.