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Future Pets' Pond Manual
How to Figure Gallons in Your Pond

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Rectangle Pool Length X Width X Depth = cu. feet
L: W: D:
X 7.5 gallons = gallons
Circular Pool 3.14 X (½ diameter x ½ diameter) X depth = cu. feet
Diam.: Depth:
X 7.5 gallons = gallons
All measurements assume vertical sides and level bottom. Remember that pools with sloping sides, pools with objects in them, and a partially filled pools have fewer gallons.
NEW! Users of newer web browsers may be enter their pond's dimensions and receive an estimated number of gallons in return. Both Pi and the conversion from cubic feet to gallons will be calculated to 8 digits using this tool, and may likely yield slightly different results than the instructions provided.
For more information and to see our complete product catalogue, see http://www.futurepets.com
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