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If you have a web site, sell on Amazon®, Yahoo® or eBay®, you can now access thousands of pet supplies and products to sell - all in one location.

Future Pets is acting as a fulfillment center for many on-line and traditional retailers who want to expand their inventory without handling products or over-extending their cash flow. We are a leader in the pet industry. We've been in business for nearly 30 years. We know pets and pet supplies. We know the pet business.

Broad Selection 12,000+ Pet Items

For those stores, catalogues and sites that wish to have Future Pets drop-ship directly to their customers' front door, we offer unlimited access to all of our products at unbeatable wholesale prices.

Name Brand Products

Because we've been in business for so long, we can offer you drop shipping on items from name brand manufacturers who won't work with you directly and that most drop shippers can't represent. ie: Doscosil and Midwest Metal among many. Nearly all of the supplies we offer are actually stocked in our warehouse and shipped by our own people. Because of our volume, we buy at deep discount to pass the savings on to you.

Take advantage of these big opportunities. Choose any or all of the products we represent, and list them on your site. Use our images and copy to make life easy. * When you are ready to process your orders, just go to our site with order in hand.

Easy, Secure Ordering

We offer a rapid order input for sending us orders.

    It works like this:
  1. You list the items you wish to carry on your own site (or in your catalogue) with your own prices and your own order cart.

    We make it easy to search or find just the items you are looking for. You can even create a custom catalog of just the items you have listed on your site, making it even easier to find them quickly.

  2. When you receive the order from your customer, you can go to our site and visit the rapid order --
    (with your customer's order in your hands)

  3. You order each requested item by just entering its item number into the Rapid order field, enter the quantity, and press the little "Add" button.

  4. When you have entered all of the items your customer has requested, input your own address as the "bill to" address and your customer's address as the "ship to" address.

    We will hold your account information for future orders if you wish. You just change the products you want and the person to whom you want us to ship. It's quick and easy. We will then charge your credit card and ship the package directly to your customer.

  5. We email you an invoice for each and every order as well as a tracking number. You can follow the delivery progress of each order, and your credit card statement keeps a running list of your account charges to make your bookkeeping simple and efficient.

  6. Your free airline miles (offered by the credit card company to which we charge your orders) will build, and you will soon be travelling the world in your spare time.

No Extra Fees

There are no added drop-ship charges (frequently as much as $4 per order at other drop-shippers) for this service***. There are no added credit card fees (frequently as much as 3%-5%). What you see is what you get.

There are very few items that would ever incur a restocking fee. Those that do incur the fee include wire crates, grooming tables and special order items.

All other policies and procedures are discussed HERE

On-line Accessibility

All of this transaction takes place on-line. You can do it from your mountain cabin, lake house, from a villa in Italy. Because you have no warehouse, no delivery responsibilities, and no physical anchor, you can live your life the way you want to where you want to. Essentially, we take care of the business ball and chain that tethers most companies.

During normal business hours, we also have a toll-free order desk and customer service department that can help you when needed (it is rarely needed).

Blind Drop Shipping

We offer blind drop shipping. We will send NO extraneous billing, marketing or other information to the designated "ship to" person (your customer). All billing information, tracking information, receipts or other marketing literature is sent to you alone.

If you supply your own e-mail address in the "ship to" area, our automatic UPS notification of shipment and tracking information will also come to you to be forwarded to your customer at your own discretion. (We routinely ship using US Postal Service (no tracking available), Fed Ex and UPS. UPS is the carrier used approximately 98% of the time.)

What is the difference between an Affiliate and a Drop-Ship Client?

Affiliate accounts send customers to a supplier directly through their website. The supplier pays a percentage of the sale back to the website owner through which the customer found the supplier. However, all information about that customer is captured and used by the supplier to market that customer directly next time. In essence, you can count on one order for each customer you send, and most sites don't pay you until you amass a certain volume.

We, on the other hand, do not solicit your customer, and you get your discount at the time of the order - no waiting.

Shipping & Taxes Calculated

Shipping charges are visible as you enter the order. We use an average of the shipping cost to anywhere in the lower 48 states based on the value of the order and the size of the box. We will also automatically calculate tax (Our tax rate is 8.25%) on orders billed to or shipped to Texas (to avoid this, you must have a TEXAS sales tax ID).

Our central location means that orders arrive at the East and West coast faster than those that ship across the entire US. Also, because we are in a smaller internet volume state, you will not be charged tax for orders to East and West coast internet hot spots.

At this time, we do not ship to addresses outside the US on behalf of drop ship clients.

Deeper Discounts

Nearly all of our prices are already at wholesale level. Further discounts are offered to qualified accounts as their on-line sales volume increases: Initial sign-up discount is 10% for sales up to $1000 per month. Sales $1001 - $3000 per month (3 months running then using a running average annually) receive 11% after the 90 day period unless the average again falls below the $1001 figure). Over $3000 per month (with same calculation periods and methods) jumps to 12% with some exceptions in some categories. **

Account which sell $1000 per month or more will have their annual fee suspended as long as their average stays above $1000 for 9 of 12 months per calendar year.

No Interference

We have no control over your business or over the prices that you charge. There is plenty of room on the internet for well-done sites to sell at whatever margins you choose.

We never speak with your customer. Only you have that privileged contact.

Simple Rules Terms of Use

How to Sign Up

Qualify my business for drop shipping status To become a Drop Ship Client: Please go to our sign-up form to tell us your web site address (URL) (any and all that would be selling items supplied by our Firm) and give us your re-sale ID and/or tax certificate. We are much better able to help you if we know who you are.

If you qualify to become one of our partners, we will set up a private entry into the site that will automatically calculate your discount and will keep history of your account.

LIMITED TIME OFFER! Save $50 off our usual $149 set up fees
Basic Package: $99 non-refundable fee is required for drop-shipper accreditation and includes a start-up license to use images and copy from our web site for the purpose of promoting and selling items for which Futurpet.com will be the drop-shipper on your behalf. (a separate agreement for copy and image use will be required and will be forwarded by e-mail when the fee is paid). Thereafter, a $99 annual fee will keep your license current.

** Discounts are available only through the on-line ordering process. Telephone orders and hand-entered orders do not qualify for drop-ship discounts. Frontline and Advantage are not discounted. Sky Kennels and Varikennels receive lower discounts - capping at 7% discount.

*** We charge a $3 handling fee for product orders under $25. No handling fees for orders over $25.

You can fax documents to 512-292-7957.

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