Achieve 100% Flea Control with Insect Growth Regulators and Avoid the Use of Toxic Chemicals

  • Two fleas in one house with one pet to feast upon can produce over 1 million offspring in their usual 9 month life-span

  • By nature, fleas often prefer light-colored pets to darker ones, and they are attracted to white (such as tennis shoes and white socks)

  • Flea cacoons can hibernate for up to a year. It is this dormant stage which best survives winter to torment you and your pets again each Spring

  • Most Insect Growth Regulators are destroyed by Ultra-violet light and, therefore, not useful as yard treatments. See: Flea Fix for exceptions to this weakness.

IGRs--Frequently Asked Questions--FAQ's

Do Fleas Die in Winter? You may be expecting to see a DRAMATIC reduction in last summer's flea population because of this year's winter. But, alas, any fleas that were actively alive on your pets or in your house and most fleas which were in the cocoon or egg stage (and therefore protected from any freeze) are still alive and prospering, particularly in the mid and southern US. When the temperature reaches 70 degrees or higher and the humidity is high, fleas hatch, thrive and breed.

This year's fleas are really just the sequel to last year's crop.

How will I know if there are fleas in my house? If you have seen even one flea on your dog or cat and the pet comes into the house, the house is already a cozy flea nest. Fleas spend only 15% of their time on the animals as adults. The rest of the time they are developing as eggs, larvae, and pupae in the grass and carpet, and most are now virtually immune to the most common chemicals used to destroy them in the past.

What is an IGR and how does it work? The answer to 100% control of fleas lies in a new weapon in the arsenal of flea warfare: the IGR or Insect Growth Regulator. IGRs acts like a growth hormone which affects the egg and larva of the flea and makes them unable to change into the adult stage of development. Prevented from maturing, fleas are virtually unable to reproduce.

Will house or yard-applied IGRs harm my pets, plants or furnishings? No. There are many advantages of IGRs over commercial pesticides. IGRs are non-toxic and biodegradable to mammals and affect only insects which go through a four-stage reproductive life cycle. IGRs are so safe for life forms that they do not even kill the adult flea. Similarly, IGRs will not damage squirrels, birds, puppies, kittens, kids or yourself. They also do not stain carpets or furniture and they are practically odor free.

How long do applied IGRs last? Since IGR's mimic a naturally occurring flea hormone, fleas cannot become immune to them, and they continue to work for 4 to 7 months. They have the ability to "stick to" both synthetic and organic materials such as carpet fibers and grass thatch making them difficult to wash or rain away.

And because they are not dangerous pesticides, IGRs are considered the safest effective means of controlling fleas for continuous long term protection.

When should I apply an IGR? The ideal and least expensive time to treat your environment is BEFORE you have fleas. The next best time is RIGHT NOW. The old adage that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure" might now be changed to " 1 oz. of IGR is worth 25 lbs. of Diazinon".

What should I do if I want to kill adult fleas as well as prevent new infestation? If you have already noticed any fleas, purchase your IGR and mix with a safe adult flea killer such as Demize Premise Spray in the house and Zema Yard Spray in the yard.

Treating for adults and applying the IGR at the same time will solve your short term and long term problem in one step.

What if new adult fleas enter my home or neighbors' dogs re-infest my yard after it's been treated with an IGR? Short term, the problem fleas may be shampooed or sprayed away with Frankodex or PPP Flea and Tick Shampoo or Spray for Dogs and Cats. Long term, no new fleas can form from any new eggs, so the house and yard will not be re-infested.

Are IGRs expensive? No. At Pet-Expo, an inexpensive 1 oz. bottle of Flea Fix IGR will treat your entire 1500 sq. ft. house for 6 months for about $6.00.

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