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Electronic Dog Training Collars at guaranteed Lowest Prices

companion electronic dog training collars
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How Remote Dog Trainers Work
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How Electronic Dog Training Collars Work

Electronic dog training collars consist of two parts: A hand-held transmitter that broadcasts a radio signal and a receiver worn on the collar of the dog, which translates the signal into a pulse of some type that impacts the dog's behavior.

Transmitter Size: The size of the transmitter is important when you must work quickly or under adverse conditions. Smallest are the Dogtra IQ and FS-25A used for quick, problem solving. Largest are the long range electronic dog training collars (usually used for sporting dog training), which (necessarily) must have much more antenna to broadcast a longer distance. Usually smallest means fewer features. Largest means longer distance. We picture each transmitter so that you can get an idea of what type of equipment you will be carrying.

Receiver Size: Unless you have a very small dog, don't let the receiver size enter into your decisions. Technological advances have finally gotten the size of the receiver down to reasonable dimensions on all electronic dog training collars today. Further reductions come at a cost. Smaller receivers have less room for electronics, which reduces their range, battery life, and reliability. However if you have a toy dog, there are a couple of companies that make tiny dog trainers: Innotek and Dogtra.

Antenna: The transmitter has one. The longer distance it must transmit, the larger the transmitter antenna will be. The receiver worn by the dog has one. Today, all receiver antennas are internal so they will not show and they will not be catching on underbrush.

Stimulation: Some electronic dog training collars have stimulation that starts so low that you can put it on your own skin and not feel discomfort (see Unleashed V-Collars). Some can be turned up very high to really get a stubborn dog's attention, even when he is highly excited or distracted.

Learning when to use the button, how long to hold it down, and how high the stimulation should be set is a matter of a little education and close observation of your dog. (see training tips)


Protect Your Electronic Dog Training Collars Warranty
We are an Innotek Authorized Dealer
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We are a Dogtra Authorized Dealer

Beware merchants who are not manufacturer authorized dealers.

Manufacturers will have the right to declare all of the warranties on electronic dog training collars perchased through non-authorized merchants null and void, as their source and quality may be questionable.

You can shop here with Confidence! We are authorized dealers for all of the manufacturers listed above.

* The display of these RSC Authorized Retailer Logos indicates that this independent merchant has been recognized by Radio Systems Corporation ("RSC") as an Authorized Retailer of RSC retail products. Authorized Retailers are not agents of RSC or otherwise affiliated with RSC. If you purchase products via the internet from anyone not displaying this Authorized Retailer Logo, RSC will have the right to declare all of its warranties applicable to those products null and void.

Buy RSC products with confidence from us. Your product will give you years of service and your warranty will be protected.


How to Introduce the
Electronic Dog Training Collar

Training should be accomplished at the lowest stimulation level that gets an attention response without causing fear or yipping pain from your dog.

Start when your dog is young if possible. At whatever age you start, put the electronic dog training collar receiver next to your leash. Whenever your dog is about to go for an outing, put his electronic dog training collar on him (with reception turned off). In a few days, he will get as excited when he sees the training collar as he does when he sees his leash.

Your pup should wear his electronic dog training collar (turned off) for several days or even weeks before it is actually turned on. This will give him a chance to get used to the feel and weight of the collar over time until he doesn’t even remember it is there and to associate it with fun experiences.

When it is time to begin actually using the electronic dog training collar, get your bag of treats and a fetch toy. Bring your dog (wearing his receiver collar but using his leash and regular nylon collar) to your side and ask him to sit. Praise him.

Without staring at him, begin pushing the button on the absolute lowest stimulation that the collar offers. If your dog seems to feel the tingle and looks up at you, stop the stimulation immediately and give him a treat. Repeat this several times interspersed with a few quick exercises and a couple of fetches. He is learning quickly that if he gives you his attention, he can turn the collar off.

If he is oblivious, raise the level of stimulation, and try it again. Raise the level until you see him make an obvious sign that he feels it or you see his neck muscle begin to twitch a little. He should look up at you when he feels it (not duck, run, cower, yip or yelp). If any of the bad signs happen, immediately stop the stimulation and move forward in a playful attitude encouraging him to be confident again (as if it were just a minor act of nature like an insect sting that is over in an instant). Give him an opportunity to perform a few simple tasks with treats and then catch the ball or bumper a time or two. Lower the stimulation.

Start again, this time stopping before the level that caused the problem. With some close observation, you can set the level to the exact spot that gets you his attention without causing pain or trauma.

Play some more. Retire for another session later. (This procedure should last only about 10 minutes, and you should get his attention a few times and end with playtime)

(see training tips for more definitions)


Companion Dog Electronic Dog Training Collars are designed to help dog owners teach good behavior and deter unwanted behaviors whether in the owner's presence or from a distance. Hunting dog trainers are used to teach and fine tune the pointing, flushing, retrieving, and catching or treeing of game - all accomplished at a distance.

Purchasing the right electronic dog training collar doesn't have to be either difficult or expensive. All of the electronic dog training collars presented on this page are designed for the companion dog trainer or beginning sport dog trainer. If you are looking for more advanced or sportdog collars, click here. Companion dog electronic dog training collars are usually used in closer proximity such as urban settings in yards, parks, and larger enclosed areas such as school grounds. Transmitter size is often smaller and more convenient. Distance is in yards instead of miles. While their features are slightly more limited than high-end sporting dog collars, they are considerably less expensive and often easier to learn to use.

Used for companion dog training, E-Collars are very versatile.

  • Electronic dog training collars eliminate undesirable habits and correct problem behaviors quickly and humanely.
  • Electronic dog training collars teach avoidance of life-threatening situations such as traffic, snakes, and off limits areas.
  • Electronic dog training collars build confidence while reinforcing commands.
  • Save on Dogtra Collars

    You will want a remote trainer that has the correction power necessary to train your particular dog - levels suitable to his temperament: low (or vibration only) for small or timid dogs to high for stubborn or bull-headed dogs. The more stimulation levels you have the more precise your training can be. Training should be accomplished at the lowest level that gets a response without causing fear or yipping pain. (see more discussion of training technique and psychology below).

    If you will be ending only one or two bad behaviors (more problem solving than general training), the training collars with fewer levels will work. (See Petsafe Venture Series.

    If you will be using it for general companion dog training to basic commands, any of the dog training collars in our companion dog selection will work well (below).

    If you want more options, more advanced training, or work in more adverse conditions, see our sporting dog training collar selection.

    We carry the most reliable major brands of companion dog e-collars: Dogtra Electronic Dog Training Collars, Innotek Electronic Dog Training Collars, Petsafe Electronic Dog Training Collars, SportDog Electronic Dog Training Collars, and TriTronics (now Garmin) Dog Collars

    We have a low price guarantee and FREE Ground Shipping within Continental US on most electronic training equipment, so you don't have to spend a lot of time comparing.

    Petsafe Spray Remote Trainer
    Details & Pricing

    PETSAFE Spray Remote Trainer uses an unpleasant but harmless spray of bitter lemon to correct your dog's annoying habits. No electronic stimulation is involved.

    • Completely waterproof
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • 4 intensity levels of spray instead of stimulation
    • 300 yard range
    • Priced under $200


    Electronic Dog Training Collars are used for problem solving (such as jumping on people, chasing cars, stealing food, avoiding snakes) or for more general training (such as obedience training or hunting dog training). Aggressive behavior is NOT a suitable candidate for electronic collars under any circumstances without a behavior specialist supervising the activity.

    Training should be accomplished at the lowest stimulation level that gets an attention response without causing fear or yipping pain. Your dog should look up at you when he feels the stimulation. His neck muscle might give a small twitch, but no vocalization, lowered ear set, cowering or otherwise showing fear should be apparent. See How to Introduce Your Dog to His Electronic Dog Training Collar

    Communication/Stimulation Types: Most companion dog electronic dog training collars use operator-timed continuous communication. Continuous communication lasts as long as you hold the button down (emergency shut off in about 10 sec). Many have Pager or Tone-Only options, which use only a vibration, buzz or tone to alert, direct, or praise the dog. (Vibration is a great tool for training all dogs, but particularly useful in early stage training, for young dogs, or for deaf dogs). Some have praise tones. Unleashed has an electronic dog training collar that uses ONLY adjustable vibration stimulation.

    Levels: The more finesse you have to tailor the stimulation to the exact temperament of your dog and the exact circumstances of the situation, the more quickly your dog will respond and the less chance there is of over-correction. Every dog will need at least a couple of different levels depending on the circumstances. You will find that a dog who performs flawlessly in the back yard will need a higher level of stimulation to get his attention when he is outside his usual environment where distractions are high such as in the park or in the field. He may need a higher level still if he is engaged in a "high adrenaline" state such as when chasing a car, another dog or cat, or honed in on the wrong game. Dogs who are wet will need a lower level of correction due the high conductivity of their wet skin that will channel the full effect directly to them.

    The number of different settings for stimulation and the way to program them is important and completely individual to each manufacturer and to each electronic dog training collar in their line.

    Summary: A trained dog is a happy dog with a happy family. Statistics show that the number one reason for abandoning a dog or giving it up for adoption (frequently to be euthanized) is bad behavior. Proper use of all of the training tools available to prevent such a tragedy is the humane option.

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