Doggie Dooley Dog Septic Discount


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Doggie Dooley Dog Septic Discount

Doggie Dooley installs in the ground like a mini-septic tank to liquefy animal waste year round. Keeps your yard clean and your environment healthy...

Doggie Dooley Inground Canister Dog Septic System
Just scoop your yard, use the foot action lid to open, and dump the waste in the container. The Doggie Dooley will do the rest.

Keep lawns and play areas clean and sanitary with the #3000 Doggie Dooley Toilet.

Requires digging a hole (approximately 1 hour installation time from start to finish). Simply install in the ground, drop in dog waste, and occasionally add Digester Powder and water for continuous break down of waste.

Environmentally friendly #3000 Doggie Dooley Toilets are harmless to lawns, pets and shrubs and have the capacity to handle the waste of 2 large dogs or 4 small dogs.

Works like a home septic system by using Enzyme and Bacteria action to turn waste into a ground absorbed liquid. Ideal for most soil conditions except heavy sand or clay.

Made of galvanized steel and feature an overflow to create a waste leach field.

Excellent outdoor life.

Each unit comes with a starter supply of Digester and has a step-on lid opener.

    Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System Model #3000
  • Easily installs in the ground, leaving just the lid exposed.
  • Keeps grounds clean, insect-free and sanitary
  • Uses safe, non-poisonous bacteria action to liquefy pet waste for ground absorption.
  • Simply shovel the stool into the tank, close the lid, and occasionally add water and special enzyme digesters.
  • Live organisms in the digester turn waste into a harmless liquid.
  • Digestive action stops at 40° F and Doggie Dooley works best in soil that is sandy or drains well. Find a place with a minimum of clay.
  • Digester has a shelf life of 5 years if kept cool and dry.
Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System, Galvanized Steel
  • Septic Tank Style - Large (waste is treated and breaks down in hole underneath)
  • Made of Galvanized Steel with Polyethylene plastic Step-On Lid
  • Convenient, strong, low-profile, foot-action lid
  • Approximately 9" Deep 16" Diameter
    Recommended Hole: 20" x 20" x 23"
  • Includes 6 month supply of enzyme digester (8 oz.) and more tablets can be ordered below.
  • Helps control waste from more pets
  • 4 small or 2 large pets
doggie dooley dog waste system, pooper    scoops
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DOL3648Dooley Super Digester; 100 TabsClick to Order$ 25.99
DOL3636Disposal System Digester Tablets; 36 tabsClick to Order$ 12.99
DOL3000* * Doggie Dooley Septic; Galvanized Steel Tank; 16 x 16 x 9"HClick to Order$ 49.99
DOL2000* * Doggie Dooley Dog Septic System #2000 (MSSU DISCONTINUED- SOLD OUT)Click to Order$ 42.95
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Doggie Dooley Dog Septic Discount